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 Welcome to KAZUMA USA - Become an Authorized Kazuma ATV Franchise Dealer Today

Opportunities! Get them now! Kazuma parts and retail units are now available. Products, supplies and parts needed to begin distribution of ATV's are a click away! Kazuma USA offers a wide range of styles and sizes to satisfy all the retail and dealer needs in 2009.

Product Line that satisfies the entire family!

  • Children's ATV, Youth ATV and Adult ATV - Meerkat 50cc Kazuma ATV, Kazuma 90cc Mini-Falcon ATV, Kazuma Falcon 110cc ATV, Dingo 150cc ATV and the redesigned 250cc Kazuma Utility ATV
  • Dirt Bikes - Jackel 90 Z, 110 Z and 150 Z
  • Scooters - 150 S
  • Generators - 6500 G and 9000 G

Proven quality & competitively priced! The Kazuma ATV dealership opportunities are endless. Avoid the steep barriers associated with the OEM Brand Market. Competitive prices are available for ATVs backed by proven quality. Kazuma USA offers a wide range of styles and sizes to satisfy all needs for retail and ATV dealer.

Where do I get the parts? Partner with a Kazuma USA and gain access to over 12,000 feet of Kazuma parts. Chinese ATVs dealers have sometimes been labeled with the inability to obtain ATV parts. Kazuma USA believes that ATV parts are an important part of any ATV business and why we have one the world's largest parts departments.

The online ordering system for Kazuma ATV parts is at www.kazumaatvparts.com.

Off Brand Chinese ATV parts available. Kazuma USA carries other brands of Chinese ATV parts such as SUNL ATV parts, Roketa ATV parts, Redcat ATV parts, Tank ATV parts, Wildfire ATV parts and even hard to find Baja ATV parts.

Become a Kazuma USA Dealer! We strongly urge you to partner with Kazuma USA. Become a dealer of Kazuma USA ATVs, dirt bikes and scooters. Kazuma USA partners are diverse. Anything from an established Honda or Yamaha franchise, to a major RV or car dealer, or even a full service gas station in rural America has seen great additional revenue stream from this secondary business partnership.

Please take the time to fill out a Kazuma USA dealer application online today at http://www.kazumausa.com/dealerform.htm and a dedicated Kazuma representative will contact you shortly.

 Kazuma USA - The Leader in the Kids ATVs & Youth ATVs
Youth ATV Fun from KazumaUSA

Kazuma Youth ATV and Kids ATV - considered the most affordable Chinese ATV on the planet!

Not only are they affordable ATVs, but they offer:

  • Extreme ATV performance
  • Bullet proof ATV reliability
  • Superior Kazuma ATV safety
  • Parts support

It is the ultimate combination of ultimate family Kazuma ATV fun. You already know we carry a full line of Kazuma ATV parts which we feel is the backbone to any operation. You have the confidence that your youth ATV will be dependable the whole day long!

Kazuma ATV Product information. Along with full Kazuma ATV parts support and protected territories, the ATV line up of Kazuma ATVs feature engines with the latest ATV technology. The 110 Kazuma ATV comes with reverse and is available in all colors. Kazuma USA offers the Kazuma Falcon 110cc ATV, the Kazuma Lacoste ATV and the Kazuma 90cc ATV which is also available in all ATV colors. Take a look at our new 250cc Kazuma ATV and 800cc UTV that really packs a punch.

All Kazuma 2009s are:

  • 4 stroke with electric start
  • Feature numerous safety features
Kazuma ATV Part Center: The only source for your ATV parts.

Want to buy ATV parts? Please visit our Kazuma ATV parts website by clicking the new Kazuma parts online shopping cart. Everything our Kazuma ATV customers and Kazuma ATV dealers have been asking for is just a click away.

Click here for the NEW Kazuma 2009 Kids ATV and Chinese ATV online parts shopping cart.

Need a Kazuma ATV part? Having trouble with your Redcat Baja SUNL TANK ATV dealer getting parts? Having trouble with your Kazuma dealer or Redcat dealer answering the phone? We've heard it all and are HERE TO HELP YOU TODAY!

We specialize in Chinese ATV parts. Call one of the many full-time Kazuma ATV parts technicians today for all your Kazuma ATV or Chinese ATV parts needs or service questions.

Our service technicians are knowledgeable in the following related ATV parts questions:

  • Kazuma ATV Parts
  • Redcat ATV Parts
  • BAJA ATV Parts
  • SUNL ATV Parts
  • TANK ATV Parts
  • Yamoto ATV Parts
  • Roketa ATV Parts
  • Hensin ATV Parts

We also have Kazuma ATV shop manuals which are a must have for all Kazuma ATV service technicians. This allows you to quickly trouble shoot any Kazuma ATV you may have a service issue with.

Dealership Opportunities are Available

Why own a Kazuma ATV dealership? A Kazuma ATV dealership could help your current business to drive sales and provide an additional income stream. ATV opportunities are endless. Boat dealers? Used car dealers? Full service gas stations in rural areas? Pawn shops? Automotive mechanics? Kazuma ATV dealerships can match up to a host of different opportunities.

Here at Kazuma USA ATV, we are dedicated to:

  • ATV quality
  • ATV reliability
  • ATV service and satisfaction the customer deserves!

There are many ATV brands to choose from in the Chinese ATV market but only the ones branded Kazuma merit such prestige. Compare our Kazuma ATV prices and see why Kazuma ATV USA is the market leader. Call or e-mail us today for Kazuma ATV dealership opportunities, location of nearest Kazuma ATV Dealer or click on our all new Kazuma ATV parts section. The ability to order Kazuma ATV parts online has streamlined operations.

How do I become a dealer? Fill Out a KAZUMA ATV Dealer Application and become a Kazuma ATV and Kazuma Dirt Bike dealer today. Kazuma USA is the Leader in the ATV Industry.

Fill out an online Kazuma dealer application today or call Kazuma at (281) 810-9001.


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